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Matthew Rukgaber
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Matthew Rukgaber Black Pestilence takes the formula of Venom and improves on it... actually writing great songs that are fun, evil, inventive, and not lazy. They make reinventing Black'n'Roll seem easy. Every song is a winner. Favorite track: Sonic Static.
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released April 9, 2015

Valax - Bass, Vocals, Samples
Little V - Drums, Backing Vocals, Samples
Viktor - Guitar

All music and lyrics written by Valax.
Recorded in March 2015 at Little V's Man Cave - Calgary, AB, Canada.
Produced, engineered, and mastered by Little V.

Facebook: www.facebook.com/blackpestilenceband
Instagram: www.instagram.com/blackpestilence



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Black Pestilence Calgary, Alberta

Originally formed in 2008 by bassist/vocalist Valax, Black Pestilence has been known for their unique sounding black metal by combining grimy punk rock with electronic noise. Initially, Black Pestilence started out as a one-man studio project, but evolved over the years into a full band. To date the band has released four full length albums, three music videos, one EP, and one split vinyl release. ... more

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Track Name: Cult Class
One by one I have seen them come and go
Ostentatious face is all they know
Rich with deceit as they talk amongst me
Envious words as I grin with apathy
Step by step the horde will rise above
And consume the foolish free of
Grand muse and eccentricity
We are the sonic adversary

Cult class
We’ll rise in numbers
Cult class
Crush the system
Cult class
Cult class

Everyday I see more of them like us
Disharmonize this world we must
Criticize arrogant monotony
Destroy their world's daft hypocrisy
One by one the horde will surge up high
Aural noise will peak beyond the sky
To reckon with totality
Of the sonic adversary
Track Name: Silent Assassin
Deep within the shadows
Of an arcane mind
Lies the essence of chaos
Cure for normality
Clouded in the shadows
Forced oath to the black
Forever overcoming
Tradition, dogma, and deceit

Silent assassin
Emerging from the dark
Silent assassin
Barbed sai to the heart
Silent assassin
Only I will ever see
The vapidness of elite purity

No praise or respect
Is given to the free
Ostracized from the rest
Everlasting til death
Clouded in the shadows
Forced oath to the black
Forever overcoming
Tradition, dogma, and deceit

Track Name: Unseen Force
Beyond one's reverie
Steps forth immaculate aura
Clouded in pure treachery
I am the unseen force
Grapple with society
Never turn the other cheek
Revenge is nature to me
I am the unseen force

Always in the darkness to all
Masked under the shroud
Hidden power, a mystic call
Enmity for the unworthy
A cryptic horde by my side
I am the unseen force

Pure lies and hypocrisy
Will only tarnish your word
Foolish thoughts believing in me
Have proven failure, a fault of your own
Ignorant and incompetent
I am the calm before the storm
Never will I forget the past
For I am the unseen force
Track Name: Horns for the Devil
Raise your horns
For the Devil
Raise your horns
For Satan
Raise your horns
For the Devil
Embrace the height of knell
Raise your horns for Hell

A symbol of power, the Sigil burns bright tonight
At moonlit hours, his horns will raise beyond the light
United as one, we’ll rise above the upper class
Reclaim our throne and ignite our very own mass

Unique with pride, we hold our horns to the skies
The Devil’s music, blasting all throughout the night
United as one, we’ll overthrow the current power
Blasting noise to the early morning hour
Track Name: Sonic Static
Vapid ingrates run the show
Foolish sheep pursue with flow
Trapped in sonic static, front to back
One that we’ll annihilate
Attack attack attack!

Fuck the man and his system
And fuck the underground’s system (4x)
Fuck you all!

Sonic static endless drain
Vexatious sound all the same
Sonic static soon succumb
To sonic vigor
Fuck the scum!

Still believe in their mass?
Putrid, rotten sewer class
Stuck in sonic static, left to right
One that we’ll eradicate
Fight fight fight!
Track Name: Cellblock
Buried in the gloomy mind lies a vicious cage
Blocking off calamitous thought, there must be another way
Corroded thoughts forced now to stop
How the fuck could this possibly be?
Inner mind rot, it’s all me

Always around and I can never evade you
An ivory mist, it gets me through
All alone with nowhere to run
Cellblock it’s all for one

Engraved in a vast mind desire only remains
For a dying art by the flesh, replaced now by machines
Corrupted visions forced now to stop
How the fuck could this possibly be?
Pure destruction I can see
Track Name: Razing Taboo
Dispel the paradigm
That was forced into your mind
Deny their word
Break free now from the herd

Refute the Trinity
Far from humanity
Carnal for the flesh
Embrace taboo I must confess

Razing razing taboo
Razing razing taboo
Razing razing taboo
Indulgence for me and you
Razing razing taboo
Razing razing taboo
Razing razing taboo
Oust the norm with the Infernal view

Force fed society
No thought or variety
Rising from the flames
The Devil inside must take the reins
Track Name: Voiceless Generation
A new breed has dawned upon us
With a pulsating cadence
Absolute liberty
One common notion that I claim to see
Is the lack of voice in this
Pure sonic totality

A silent generation with no thought or voice
No reverence for vital sonic wisdom

There’s no honor or respect for the altered noise
From this bigoted yuppie class
Future sonic mortality
One common notion that I claim to see
Is the lack of voice in this
Pure sonic totality